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Learn About the R&D Tax Credit


Your company could be receiving tax incentives that would increase your company’s bottom line. This credit was created and implemented to incentivize innovation throughout the economy. Combining federal and state credits could return up to 20% of your qualified expenses! Find out how R&D tax credits will help your company survive, thrive, and revitalize.

The research credit allows businesses to create positive cash flow and generate cash refunds to reinvest into future initiatives.


Join us Wednesday, May 15th!

11am CT  |  9am PST

Co-hosted by Green Orchid Consulting and TaxRobot

Held in the ELEV8ORS Virtual Community Center on Welo.



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During this seminar we will discuss:

✓ What is the R&D Tax Credit
✓ How to Determine your R&D Tax Credit Eligibility
✓ State R&D Tax Credits Opportunity
✓ R&D Tax Credit by Industry
✓ Payroll Tax Credits
✓ And much more!

Attendee Testimonials

What people are saying about this seminar when we ask their:
1. "Biggest aha" moment
2. "What they like best about this seminar?"

"The variety of expenses that can qualify. The resources on the Strike Website is very helpful as a first line of research"

Ami B.

"Possibility of claiming owner payroll toward credit. Ability to address individual situation with direct Q&A."

Lauren P.

"The tax credit is not as narrow as thought to be. Learning about the resources of Strike and the calculator."

Emily B.

"The information on the credit carry forward and the ability to use the tax credit against payroll tax for a startup company were great insights."

Eric R.

"My aha moment was that strike does this on
a expense based method."

Derrick W.

"Information on pre-revenue companies was very helpful."

Quinten M.

"Excellent overview of the R&D tax credit and
it practical potential applications!"

Greg S.

"This was great, thank you. The Payroll Credits was a huge a-ha moment!."

Quinten M.