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Business Leaders Workshop:

Dare to Disrupt the Status Quo

Mediocrity to Financial Freedom

Wednesday, April 3, 2024, from 9:00am - 11:00am CT

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Green Orchid
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Dare to disrupt the status quo!

Embrace discomfort, ignite innovation, and sculpt a thriving business that resonates with your deepest aspirations.

We provide the tools, guidance, and support you need to break free from mediocrity, exceed expectations, and conquer the market while staying
aligned with your dreams and values.

Areas Covered in Our Session:


Budgeting for Success

Interactive presentation: Exploring the fundamentals of budgeting for business growth

Group activity: Participants work together to create strategic budgets for hypothetical business scenarios.


Unleashing the Power of Forecasting

Techniques for accurate financial forecasting and forward-looking decision-making

Hands-on exercise: Participants analyze real-world data to develop insightful financial forecasts.


Disrupting the Status Quo

Embracing change and innovation as catalysts for financial transformation

Attendee participation: Sharing disruptive ideas to challenge the status quo


Unveiling Financial Freedom Strategies 

Best practices for achieving financial freedom through budgeting and forecasting

Group brainstorming: Collaborating on innovative approaches to financial management

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Do you meet the following?

  • Are you a privately owned company?
  • Are you looking to scale your business?
  • Are you interested in disrupting your status quo?

Your Company's Next Best Steps

Gain the most by participating in a problem-solving discussion.

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Optimal Resource Allocation

Our CFO advisory service helps businesses optimize their resource allocation by identifying areas of inefficiency, reducing costs, and reallocating funds to high-impact initiatives that drive sustainable growth.

Learn From the Experts

Join our panelists to create winning strategies for your company.

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Francesca Kenney

Green Orchid Consulting

Francesca is an action-oriented leader empowering team members to implement strategic solutions. She offers an extensive achievement record providing financial and operational strategies including mentoring teams. Collaborates with Executive Leaders and work with teams on messaging to achieve company's goals.

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Gary Sellergren


Gary is a COO with a Finance acumen that desires a fast-paced environment leading a company that is making a difference. He spent the first part of his career as a Planning & Marketing Director at large medical centers, then transitioning to be a COO at several outpatient facilities, both primary care and surgical specialties. Now as a consultant, he is an accomplished results driven leader with over 30 years of operations/administrative experience with a reputation for protecting the time and reducing the stress on business owners and top executives.


The Aha Moments

“Very great information from everyone. Look forward to participating again.”

James V.