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Pitch Deck Services

Master the Art of Pitching with Green Orchid's Tailor-made Deck Services

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Navigating Pitfalls in Pursuit of VC Funding

Pursuing venture capital (VC) funding is a journey filled with potential pitfalls and unexpected challenges. It's a path that can lead to unparalleled growth and success, but not without its fair share of risks. For growth-ready businesses, understanding these obstacles and knowing how to navigate them is crucial. Our booklet - "The Triple Threat" provides an insightful, eye-opening look into the top three pitfalls that plague entrepreneurs.

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Platinum is our top-tier service, where we collaborate with your team to design and develop your pitch deck. This comprehensive consulting covers key areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, messaging, HR, and custom design on your pitch deck. We also ensure your pitch deck is perfectly tailored to the requirements of your potential investors, including introductions to them. Reach out to discuss how we can get you started.

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With our Gold service, you provide the content, and we do the rest. Our team will be able to organize your information into a compelling pitch deck that is sure to impress. Once completed, we'll review the final product together. Pricing is based on the number of pages. Reach out to discuss how we can get you started.

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Silver is our DIY option, perfect for those who want full control over their pitch deck. We provide you with a workbook and resources, including a pitch deck template, to guide you through the process of creating a pitch deck that truly reflects your vision. Reach out to discuss how we can get you started.