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Sales Fusion Design Your Modern Sales Strategy

Sales Fusion: Design Your Modern Sales Strategy
Publisher: ‎ Influence Network Media

Author:  Melanie Booher, Sandra Connor, Jim Diebold, Clayton Hicks, David Iyoha, Simcha Kackley, Lisa Lickert, Francesca Kenney, Tara McOmber, Mark Perone, Nick Reed Smith, Kevin Ryan, Chris Spanier, Rik Vonderhaar

Sales Fusion:
Design Your Modern Sales Strategy

In a world that’s become accustomed to staying home, the process of selling has changed. So, how does a salesperson create a strategy to scale their business in 2022; and beyond?

Our skilled, knowledgeable, and insightful authors will provide strategies for those of you who wish to understand the mentality and psychology behind the success of a salesperson in a changing world!

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Packed with value & perspective

"Most business books are 80% fluff with 20% actual value. This book is the opposite. Each of the 10 authors wrote a pithy value packed chapter. The result is various perspectives, strategies, and techniques crammed into a short entertaining read. Highly recommended."

Nick S.

Easy read with great insight to the complete sales process.

"Love the book. I have been looking for a book to help with my sales process and this book covers all the areas I needed. Such an easy read as well."

Steve W.

Sales strategy at its best

"I really enjoyed every chapter of this book. Different viewpoints, varying backgrounds, yet it all comes together in a cohesive manner that is understandable and can be implemented by any business."

Paul F.

Helpful advice from experts in their field

"I love the easy to read, helpful information compiled in this book."


Interesting presentation by knowledgeable authors

"Varied group of knowledgeable writers"


Lots of Sales Experts in One Place - YES PLEASE

"Enjoyed the variety of perspectives coming from different areas of expertise. Whether networking, emotional sales, CRM driven, entrepreneurial, or even the importance of marketing and sales enablement - this book covers it all!"



Sales Fusion Design Your Modern Sales Strategy

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