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Green Orchid Consulting

Exit Strategy Seminar

Wednesday, March 13, 2024, from 9:00am - 11:00am CT

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The Importance of Proper Exit Strategies

An exit strategy should be a major part of your retirement plans. Whether you intend to sell your company sooner or later, establishing an exit plan early on in the life of your business is crucial if you’re to extract the highest value from your investment of time and money. 

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Huge Value in a Little Time

Join our virtual seminar for a powerful introduction to developing an exit strategy. In less than 2.5 hours, you will have a powerful insight into the process of achieving a successful sale. The seminar will also include helpful hints for running your day to day business.

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Learn From the Experts

Join our panelists as we create winning strategies for you!

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Francesca Kenney

Green Orchid Consulting

Francesca is an action-oriented leader empowering team members to implement strategic solutions. She offers an extensive achievement record providing financial and operational strategies including mentoring teams. Collaborates with Executive Leaders and work with teams on messaging to achieve company's goals.

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Gary Sellergren


Gary is a COO with a Finance acumen that desires a fast-paced environment leading a company that is making a difference. He spent the first part of his career as a Planning & Marketing Director at large medical centers, then transitioning to be a COO at several outpatient facilities, both primary care and surgical specialties. Now as a consultant, he is an accomplished results driven leader with over 30 years of operations/administrative experience with a reputation for protecting the time and reducing the stress on business owners and top executives.

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Bob Wells

Redstone BCG

Bob is a globally experienced CFO with native Spanish fluency. He is a proven and trusted financial advisor for companies of all sizes. From domestic start-ups to multi-national private companies, Bob has demonstrated leadership and expertise in analysis, risk assessment, finance, sales and operations to lead significant revenue increases with integrity and a keen understanding of financial and personnel management.


The Aha Moments

“Very great information from everyone. Look forward to participating again.”

James V.